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November 1st, 2015 1 comment

不久之前写过一篇博客[1]为龙芯CPU”辩护”, 解释为什么龙芯CPU的JavaScript性能会很低.

就我个人的经验而言,龙芯的 SunSpider 性能差异更多的应该是在软件层面。现代的浏览器都通过(多个层级的)JIT来对JavaScript进行加速,开启和关闭JIT的SunSpider、Kraken、Octane 跑分差异可能会相差20~30倍。使用 iPhone 的同学可以在 Safari 和微信自带的浏览器中测试对比下速度差异(iOS 中只有 Safari 可以开 JIT)。三大开源浏览器JIT引擎对于龙芯采用的MIPS后端的支持都还很初级,甚至还不能正常使用。龙芯官方[6]和开源爱好者[5]的数据也印证了龙芯CPU跑 JavaScript 的尴尬。软件层面的缺失,或者往大了说,生态环境的问题,也是龙芯(MIPS架构)需要面对的一个大问题。

但是现在情况可能就要大不同了. 中科梦兰(龙芯系)的 heiher[2] 同学在今年开始频繁地向 Mozilla 提交MIPS64后端代码[3], 相信启用了JavaScript JIT的 Firefox 在龙芯CPU会有很大的性能提升. 到时候(瞎猜)快个20倍也说不定哦 😉

[1]: 龙芯CPU的JavaScript性能


[3]: Bugzilla User Activity


September 11th, 2015 No comments


Firefox Technical Architecture Group

September 11th, 2015 No comments

Dave Camp 一个月前在邮件列表中宣布了新的 Firefox 架构领导小组:

We don’t have a lot of people whose responsibility extends to the entire Firefox frontend. Most of us are focused on individual pieces of our large codebase. Meanwhile, we have a set of large technical challenges ahead of us. In particular, gofaster and figuring out what comes after XUL are going to be sweeping changes that affect large swaths of code.

We are asking Dave Townsend, Richard Newman, Rob Helmer, Mark Hammond, and Robert Strong to explicitly take over technical stewardship of the Firefox products. Their responsibilities will be:

* Document and build consensus around larger projects that affect Firefox products.
* Help resolve technical issues that cross functional areas of the project.
* Provide a point of consistent technical decision making.
* Be a point of contact for and coordinate cross-technology projects with other Mozilla groups such as Platform and Content Services.
* Be available to technical contributors for guidance, mentoring, etc.

This may look a lot like Module Ownership – this is no coincidence. Mark Finkle (as Firefox Mobile module owner) and I (as Firefox Desktop module owner) will be delegating a lot of the technical responsibility for those modules to that group. It may also remind some folks of the Super Reviewers. It’s similar to that in spirit (a group of people charged with a global view of the product) but not in mechanics (no sr? flags, and limited to the Firefox frontend modules).

This isn’t a permanent appointment. We’ve asked these people to help get us started working through the gofaster and deXULinisation initiatives, but we’ll cycle people in an out as events warrant. Nor do we expect these people to do it alone. We expect them to be working closely with all the engineers on the team.

Thanks to the Firefox Architects for stepping up.



不过目前在 Mozilla 之外还没有看到什么内容.


August 21st, 2015 No comments

501(c)(3), 简单说就是免税了.

[书] 短码之美

August 5th, 2015 No comments

大赞. 值得买. 刻苦钻研技术的人总是让人觉得有点敬畏.

(这不是让你写出更规范代码的书. 不做 ACM OJ 的人可能就不太能理解为啥要尽可能的减少几个字节.)

作者 Ozy 本名岡田佑一,是出生于日本大阪的一位短码高手。他花费相当长的时间提升短码编程技术,进而将其发展成一种技能,曾获得程序设计大赛的冠军。他开办过程序设计方面的培训班,目前致力于数学教育和程序设计师的培养工作。